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Kim Bemis

Kim Bemis

Fine Art Photography Extraordinary India and beach images.


Kim Bemis is a fine art photographer whose body of work includes amazing portfolios of landscapes, wildlife and people of India and of the Delmarva peninsula. According to Kim, 'In every fine art photograph, I seek to capture the beautiful, the sublime and the spiritual. I know that I am successful when I can express at least a glimpse of this in my photography.'

Kim has assembled a wonderful collection of fine art photography of India. Yet he especially enjoys his hometown visits that spark adventurous photo shoots influenced by the extraordinary wildlife and the beauty of the towns, beaches, marshes and flowers of the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Delaware.

Kim's work appears in art shows, galleries, shops and restaurants in the mid-Atlantic, including the Art League of Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach Museum and Delaware Beach Life Magazine. His artwork, 'Morning Has Broken', graces the cover of the book, 'While There's Still Time', by syndicated writer Eileen Colliani. Another photo, 'The Healing Tree', will appear on the cover of the forthcoming spiritual book by Millville resident Dr. Reverened McEntee.

Kim is a member of the Rehoboth Art League and the Art League of Ocean City. Generally, Kim's photographs receive light editing. According to Kim, 'Most of my shots are composed in the camera. When I prepare for a photo shoot, I already know the look that I wish to create. I look for a beautiful scene, find the correct angle and then wait for that perfect moment to release the shutter. Some shots such as animal and action shots must be composed in moments. Landscapes may require a wait of hours, days or weeks before all the elements come together.'

Kim is a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program and a member of the Maharishi Purusha program. He lives deep in the Himalayas in India, practicing meditation and yoga. This practice provides the inspiration for the spirituality that he seeks to show in his fine art photography.


Delhi Dhaba Restaurant by Kim Bemis


Bridge Over Silver Lake - Rehoboth Beach Delaware by Kim Bemis


Delhi Barbershop by Kim Bemis


Blondie - Chincoteague Wild Pony Roundup by Kim Bemis


Bethany Beach Boathouse Restaurant Fountain by Kim Bemis


Bethany Beach Boathouse Restaurant Gardens by Kim Bemis


Bennetts Orchards Peaches by Kim Bemis


Bennetts Orchards by Kim Bemis


Ancient Native American Spear Heads by Kim Bemis


Ancient Arrowheads by Kim Bemis


Quizzical American Flamingo by Kim Bemis


It Is About World Peace by Kim Bemis


Alligator Smiles by Kim Bemis


Alleyway Delhi by Kim Bemis


Delhi Afternoon by Kim Bemis


Stunning Clouds and Sky by Kim Bemis


A Sip of Nectar by Kim Bemis


Morning Sunrays Himalayas by Kim Bemis


Crescent Moon Over the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel by Kim Bemis


Blue Sunbrellas by Kim Bemis


Morning Paddleboarders by Kim Bemis


Abandoned House India by Kim Bemis


The Addy Sea Hotel - Bethany Beach Delaware by Kim Bemis


Addy Sea Through the Dunes by Kim Bemis


A Single Red Rose by Kim Bemis


Sunrise Promise by Kim Bemis


Combing the Beach by Kim Bemis


Matthew's Waves by Kim Bemis


Hot Steamed Crabs by Kim Bemis


Sunrise in Paradise 2 by Kim Bemis


Osprey 2 by Kim Bemis


Lone Surfer by Kim Bemis


Evening Fire 2 by Kim Bemis


Sunrise Solitude by Kim Bemis


Startled Deer by Kim Bemis


Great Blue Heron by Kim Bemis


The Healing Tree - Trap Pond State Park Delaware by Kim Bemis


Twin Towers at Whiskey Beach 3 by Kim Bemis


The Blue Boat by Kim Bemis


A Winter's Walk by Silver Lake by Kim Bemis


Beating Wings by Kim Bemis


Morning Has Broken by Kim Bemis


The Shirt Factory by Kim Bemis


The Salted Rim - Ocean View Delaware by Kim Bemis


City of Rehoboth Beach Logo by Kim Bemis


Black Schoolhouse - Millville Delaware by Kim Bemis


Morning Light Play by Kim Bemis


Kohrs Bros - Rehoboth Beach Delaware by Kim Bemis